Preserving Gravely Tractors from yesteryear for tomorrow and the future. We currently have items listed on eBay (eBay ID: gtpreserve-com or eBay ID: rawnc) and plan to launch a website soon, so please check back often.

Our most recent preservation...a 1968 Gravely 424. It ran, but leaked oil and smoked badly, when we got it. We added a Front PTO Kit and Rotary Plow. Looks and runs great now!

Here is a sample Before and After image of a 1973 Gravely 810 we Preserved and recently sold. Someone had replaced the original 10hp engine with a '75 model 14hp, and we added the Front PTO kit, a headlight (the 810's didn't come with them) AND a hydro kit. We effectively had an 814 with Hydro when we were done. This machine had MANY more years of service left in it for sure!!

This is a 1962 Model L we bought that did not run originally, however turned out to be an AMAZINGLY strong machine!